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Surface Plotter is a Java(tm) applet which plots surfaces defined by explicit two-variable mathematical function (i.e: z = f(x,y)). To run this applet, you have to enable Java on your browser. It can also be run as a Java application without any modification.

Since version 1.30b2, the Surface Plotter source code is released under GPL2.
Please refer to this document to learn more about the license before downloading. I'd appreciate your comments and/or suggestions.

The newest version available for download is 1.30b2. It supports JDK 1.1 as well as JDK 1.0.2. Version 1.30b2 of Surface Plotter has menu bar and some new capabilities, such as contour plot, density plot, and image to surface conversion. The source codes were rewritten to improve readability and better documented.

Uncompress the file and read readme.txt file for further information.