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Saturday, October 20, 2007, 04:44 AM JST
Posted by Yanto Suryono
Recently I have been working mostly on Linux at home rather than Windows, so I have been browsing mostly using Linux Firefox and I found out that it does not play web embedded midi by default. Well at least in my configuration.

Searching the web, I found out that many are having the same problem with me. For Windows Firefox, it is usually suggested to install Quicktime as a remedy, but there is no Quicktime for Linux, yet. At least I am not aware of one.

However, the Firefox has an ultimate plugin: mozplugger, which will play external media using helper applications. This means, if you can play the media in Linux, then it must be playable too from Firefox, with the same application.

Then I typed about:plugins in my Firefox address bar, and found out that midi files are not being handled by any plugins, including mozplugger.

I played with /etc/mozpluggerrc, edited it with help from information on the web, and finally got it to work.

Below are my final mozplugger configuration lines for playing midi files:

audio/mid:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
audio/x-mid:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
audio/midi:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
audio/x-midi:midi,mid:MIDI audio file
noisy stream: timidity -Od "$file"
controls: playmidi "$file"


  • Make sure timidity and playmidi are present and accesibble

  • Remove ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat once before restarting Firefox. I forgot to do this last time and spent a lot of time figuring out why midi files are still not claimed by any plugin !

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